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Aquaivia® The Blue Side of Green® proudly presents Hurricane StoriesTM. Hurricane StoriesTM originated at height of Hurricane Harvey by the Editor In Chief. As he was flooded-in to his West-Houston Apartment, having been woken up by the train-like sound of a developing tornado’s winds against his apartment, the Editor watch the rain pour down, listened to the non-stop tornado warnings, repeatedly checked on his car as the water rose, kept an eye out for his neighbors and watch the news with rapt attention. Story after story of the devastation being wrought by Hurricane Harvey poured across the TV news on multiple channels, the internet, radio and telephone calls came in from friends and loved ones. He was lucky. Though flooded-in by water on all sides, the Editor’s power was on, the internet still worked and his phone allowed him to communicate. Many throughout Houston and the surrounding region had none of these luxuries and had lost, or were in the process of losing, everything. Tragically, some lost their lives to the storm. Harvey was unprecedented. The news reported: Houston 50 inches of rain, Pearland 57 inches, Friendswood 47.5 inches, Santa Fe 52.7 inches and Nassau Bay 51.7 inches; approximately 9 trillion gallons of rain fell down on the region during Harvey. Entire sections of the city were submerged in Harvey’s flooding, losses were staggering and everyone affected has a their personal story. Thus, Hurricane StoriesTM was launched to allow real people to share their true stories and pictures of Hurricane Harvey and other hurricanes with the world. Hurricane StoriesTM holds the real-life experiences of a community that has faced and survived one of nature’s strongest forces. Welcome to Hurricane StoriesTM!

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