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AQUAIVIA® is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the mission of preserving and protecting water resources in the United States of America & Worldwide.

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Charitable Fundraising Services
AQUAIVIA® for water, wetlands, beach, island and ocean preservation, such as:

  • Charitable fundraising services for the preservation of marine flora and fauna.
  • Charitable fundraising to support environmental and biological research, and for educational campaigns.
  • Charitable fundraising for acquiring real property for environmental preservation and research purposes in the field of water and wetlands preservation.
  • Chartable fundraising for financial investment in the field of stocks and mutual funds of environmentally oriented companies and technologies.
  • Financial investment in the field of financial instruments, namely, securities and derivatives and bonds.

Environmental Action, Promotional Activities & Political Action
AQUAIVIA® is active in government affairs:

  • AQUAIVIA® is active in promoting the public awareness for the need to preserve water resources and the flora and fauna related to water resources.
  • AQUAIVIA™ is active in lobbying services promoting the interests of the public in maintaining and obtaining clean and safe water, protecting public health and the environment in the fields of legislation and regulation.
  • AQUAIVIA® is active in public advocacy to promote awareness of the need for clean and safe water and the protection of public health and the environment.

Educational Services
AQUAIVIA® Educational services raise awareness of important issues and ecological sciences:

  • Educational services conducting classes, workshops, seminars and programs in the field of water, beach, stream, lake, ocean, and wetland.
  • Marine and water related ecological preservation.
  • Distribution of educational material in connection therewith.

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